Education Information System

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An Education Information System designed to manage information about an education system.It is a repository for data collection, processing, analyzing and reporting of educational information including schools, students, teachers and staff. The information can be used by Education institute, NGOs, researchers, donors and other education stakeholders; policy and planning; monitoring and evaluation; and decision making.It is specifically used to create indicators that monitor the performance of an education system and to manage the distribution and allocation of educational resources and services.

Information Systems for Learning and Instruction
Information system is described as the "collection of hardware, software, data, people, and procedures that work together to produce quality information". Education Information Systems(EIS) provide opportunities to improve student learning by providing alternate ways for learners to use technology in learning environments, and they enhance management capabilities of teachers as well as school administrators. For example, in many schools today student management systems are being implemented which allow parents to view their child's report card online, to observe classroom behavior over streaming videos and to go online to access their child's lesson plan and or their homework assignments. These exciting and modern applications of computer based information systems not only gain popularity in the schools but in the home environment as well.

Computer based information system has implications for student learning, classroom teaching, school administration as well as parental involvement.

Information Systems for Teacher Productivity

One advantage to using a education information system is that it can automate tasks for teachers and administrators allowing them to spend time on other important tasks (such as writing lesson plans, grading papers, completing reports, etc.) Another advantage of using a EIS is that it can help you to save data that is collected and then store it in one centralized place. This will allow anyone (administrators as well as state monitors) to view the data. This data can be saved and at a later date be viewed or used in a comparison with other past or future data. The data can also be processed in to information that can be printed in a report. Similar to this, EIS allows students grades to be posted where parents can view their grades. This helps teachers to keep students accountable and parents informed.

Information Systems for Administration

Educational administrations or schools, use education information systems because they prove to be useful tools in learning environments. In addition, they are fast, reliable, can store a large amount of data, are able to connect to other computers on a networking system, therefore able to share information, allow the students and teachers access to the Internet, etc. EIS's are resourceful and have become a great learning tool in educational settings. The use of technology is absolutely beneficial to learning process.


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