Our Services

On top of the areas of our expertise, we do offer services that might help to compliment your existing business or system needs. All the following listed services are provided with one intention in mind and that is to help your business expand wider while your system runs better.

e-Marketing Consultation

We offer a full range of services which complement our step-by-step process for working with businesses, and have worked with businesses of all “shapes and sizes” in many different countries and in many different niches. In our experience most businesses simply want more leads to help them generate more customers. We specialise in doing this so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you know you could be doing more from the Internet yet don’t have the time or specialised knowledge to do so. For some clients we have even entered into agreements whereby they simply pay us per lead we send them. This means they only paid for results and had no risk at all… If we didn’t send them leads they had no cost! Contact us using the contact form on this page and we’d love to speak to you and see how we can help your business grow.

Business Infomation System Consultation

To most business, the most valuable assets are the Business Information. Most business owner like yourself, wish that your staffs knowledge & skills can be retain within the company even after they leave your company. This is now achievable through "Knowledge Base System". Most off the shelves knowledge base system are huge, expensive and difficult to maintain. However, some companies only requires a simple knowledge base system which some might already having it without realizing it. Here is where we comes in, to analyst and to advise on how to maximise what you already having and to create what you really need.

Online Payment Gateway

Many SME companies love or wish to have their own payment gateway to complete their online business efforts. However, it might turn our to be very tedious to especially new companies that do not have prior knowledge in payment gateway setup. We offer assistance in setting up payment gateways of your choice for your online business(es). Besides that, we are also offering affordable payment gateway solutions, if you wish to start small (without having to pay high annual fee charged by many existing payment gateway companies).

Mobile Application

Businesses in the information & mobile age, are hard to escape from catering to the needs of the many mobile users. Every mobile users are your potential customers whom you wish to capture or reach. As such, there will come to a time that your business will need to look into delivering your companies information and services through mobile platforms via mobile applications. We are able to assist you in analysing the suitable applications to develop to reach your targetted customers.

Web Hosting Provider

We are authorized reseller for hosting solutions which means, we are able to provide much better hosting services for your online business or system at a very affordable price. This is especially true if we are comparing to many companies that are not authorized reseller or if you were to engage with hosting provider personally. As an authorized reseller that has helped many companies, we will be able to advise you better in terms of hosting services that your business really need and those that your business will never need at all. Through personal consultation such as this, we believe your business will eventually save quite an amount of money. In a way, we always say, "Value for the money paid".

Corporate Web Page Design

Ever wonder why some corporate website are so successful while some do not have any responds from their visitors? Most of the time, it is due to the design and the flow of the site that fails to deliver the message needed to be delivered. We truly understand this situation as we have seen and help many companies to re-define the flow of their corporate sites. Upon re-defining the flow and design, we never fail to see the increase in enquiries from those corporate sites. Keep in touch with us, so that we may offer some consultation that may greatly help your business.